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Genevieve introduces Gx Coin

In our continued commitment to offer our clients the newest technology and highest yield investments, Genevieve is pleased to announce our upcoming ICO. Gx Coin will represent a new opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency that is backed by venture investments in real businesses. Each token represents ownership of a fund that is buying into local economies around the world in the form of business financing. 



Round#2 PRE-SALE Available Now, Limited Supply.

Until August 5th (11pm59 PT).

Get 20% more Token before our ICO and Benefit from a Fixed Conversation Rate 

1 Bitcoin = $2,580 = 3,880 Gx Coin

1 Ethereum = $263.46 = 396 Gx Coin

GXC = $0.80 during the Pre-Sale, GXC = $1 during the ICO 

For Assistante or Questions Contact Us by Text : (+1) 385 202 4794


ICO begins August 25th.

Download the Gx Whitepaper Presentation

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Why choose Gx Coin?

Gx Coin is designed to be a VC fund for the people. Using cryptocurrency gives us an advantage over traditional and heavily-regulated VC Funds.







How Does GX Coin work?

 Investors   Genevieve
Interested investors transfer cryptocurrency to Genevieve arrow.pngarrow lft.png Genevieve Issues GX coin to those investors, and puts the cash value into a venture capital fund
Investors vote on the proposal 

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Genevieve finds and evaluates small businesses for investment, selects top candidates and produces due diligence information and proposal for investors
Investors are free to trade GX for liquidity, or hold for future returns arrow lft.png Genevieve invests with approved proposals, or begins the research and proposal effort again from the beginning (depending on the vote)
Some investors sell their GX coin back to Genevieve (recieving a return in the form of cash) others chose to hold their GX coin, as it is now more rare, and trading at a premium

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Ideally, Genevieve is successful with investmenst over time.  Genevive uses the profits of those investments to buy back GX coin at a premium (giving investors a return)




What kind of companies is Gx Coin funding?


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As a Gx Coin investor, what can I expect?roadmap Recovered3



What is the plan for coin issuance?


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What about liquidity?





How to Invest In Gx Coin


How to invest


VIP Pre-Sale is available now. See below:

For Assistance or Question Text US: (+1) 385 202 4794


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*All wallets held at coinbase for security and transparency.

For VIP Presale only, please provide details of your transaction


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