Meet Geneviève Company.

Fabien Dureuil and Duane Kirkpatrick bring a unique mix of global knowledge and forward thinking to serving their clients.

Why cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrency represents the largest emerging exchanges in more than 30 years. In fact the market cap for all cryptocurrencies is more than HP, Ford, and weyerhauser combined.  That represents over 97 billion in market cap.  Because of it's nature, cryptocurrency trading has created vast wealth in recent years, however these markets have a great deal of volitility.  Genevieve seeks to offer a high yeild crypto coin that allows investors to add long term, asset backed, and more stable coin to their portfolio.

Right expertise

Our venture fund has successfully funded 11 companies including, adn carried them through to profit through various forms of liquidity including company sale, and IPO.

Forward thinking tools

We are creating tools that reflect the financial opportunities that are readily available in a globalized marketplace with technology that provides security and efficiency of modern banking.

Fabien Dureuil, CEO

French-born Fabien has over ten years experience in financial and legal advising, organizational restructuring and asset management. In 2009 Fabien and partners built Cortal Consors Select (online banking and investment, Group BNP PARIBAS) that did family office and wealth management. The company in its first year and years following had double digit returns in spite of the economic downturn. From there he continued to acquire a stake in a handful of companies — from wine to cinema to car-sharing. He turned them around and left them all with a positive growth. In 2014, he established Geneviève Company in Singapore and the United States. He believes in providing reliable financial advising to his clients and the type of service no longer offered in modern-day banking.

Duane Kirkpatrick, Senior Partner

Duane has devoted his career to international information technology. He began at IBM and then moved to Dean Witter, where he was recognized as an “All American” technology analyst from Institutional Investor magazine. In 2000, the early years of the internet, Duane was CEO of TeleNova, a Brazilian company providing internet-based international phone calls. Within a year he turned the company around and made significant return for investors like Bank of America and JP Morgan. With a strong pulse on the global marketplace, he can bring rare investment opportunities to Geneviève Co. clients.

Brian Tecklenburg, Partner

Brian has spent the last 9 years working with portfolio companies to improve their revenue stream. Helping them achieve scalable, sustainable, and rapid growth is his passion.  Having worked with over 100 clients in 9 years, he has a wide variety of experience helping grow the revenue stream for small, medium, and large businesses.  Brian comes to Genevieve to help work with our portfolio companies to improve investor outcomes by directly aiding those companies in accellerated growth through new revenue strategies.


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